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Here is a Scottish Car Powered by Whisky Drink The latest—and possibly revolutionary—foray into clean energy is boozy biofuel A UK startup has just announced their latest biofuel made from whisky byproducts. Read more [more]

F.D.A. to delay new Nutrition Facts Panel implementationThe agency did not specify when companies would have to comply with the new rules Read more [more]

The Cult of the California Date Shake Travel How the Middle Eastern date palm became the go-to treat of the high desert If you're driving down California's Highway 111 in the high desert, don't [more]

The best inexpensive cuts you need to tryForget what you’ve heard: The first cut is not the deepest. You’ll want to go further—past the tired chicken breasts and rib eyes—to get to [more]

Oregon is known for pinot noir, and these two chemical engineers make some of the bestSaffron Fields Vineyard, the winery created by Sanjeev Lahoti and Angela Summers, will be featured at this summer’s International Pinor Noir Celebration in McMinnville, Ore. [more]

Ex-FBI investigator now in hot pursuit of Washington’s abandoned applesThe hundreds of apple varieties that have been found in recent years are stunning in their diversity and the window they open into the tastes [more]

A Foolproof Method for Making Great Fruit-Flavored Ice Cream Food How to give your summer bumper crop of berries and stone fruit a taste of creamy frozen immortality The best way to make homemade berry and [more]

Chef Jacques Pépin talks about his life in France and opportunities for immigrants in the American kitchen todayPBS’ newest culinary edition of the “America Masters,” a series of comprehensive profiles on American culture’s most creatively notable, is about to give us a [more]

The Brothers Berezutskiy and the New Russian Cuisine Travel Twin chefs Ivan and Sergey—and their full-time herbalist-healer-magician—celebrate their culinary heritage and bring a new lokavorizm to the Moscow dining scene Whatever the geopolitics of the [more]

10 Sweet Tricks for Making Better Ice Cream Food Science-minded notes on the art of ice cream. For starters: stop bashing corn syrup Secret tricks from an ice cream pro to make perfectly creamy ice [more]

The restaurant industry is in its worst tailspin since the recessionSo another chain restaurant is “preparing” to bite the dust. Ignite Restaurant Group, which operates the Joe’s Crab Shack chain with 113 locations and the [more]

Yeast Study Could Unlock Wine EngineeringScientists at Vanderbilt University are raising a glass to the discovery of a previously ignored source of genetic diversity in wine yeast strains. The finding [more]

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