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How China and Taiwan now transmit food trends to CaliforniaThe most recent Chinese food trend to make it to the United States is restaurants specializing in roasted whole fish. The concept is like hot [more]

Chocolate Industry drives rainforest disaster in Ivory CoastThe world's chocolate industry is driving reforestation ona a devastating scale in West Africa.  Read more [more]

The 17 Most Exciting Restaurants Opening Around the World this FallHere's where you'll want to dine and drink in New York, London, Chicago and ... Read More [more]

Texas Strong and Hurricane HarveyThe devastation that Hurricane Harvey has unleashed on South Texas goes beyond description! Billions of gallons of rain fallen on the South Texas area [more]

Some Lost New York Restaurants Will Get a New LifeFall will bring reincarnations of La Goulue, Bond 45 and other mourned places. Read more [more]

Essential Vermouth Brands by Style Like aromatic cocktail bitters and amaro, vermouth has undergone a transformation in recent years, climbing from the recesses of the back bar to being anointed [more]

Alice Waters on Sex, Drugs and Sustainable AgricultureIn a memoir, the chef who pioneered farm-to-table food at Chez Panisse expounds on her wild early years, her politics and how she wants to [more]

Meet the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists: 6 Food Stories, Essays, and Diatribes We Love Lifestyle The top reads in our Food & Culture category The best food and culture essay finalists for the 2017 Saveur Blog Awards.  Read more [more]

Wagyumafia announces plans for SFWagyumafia introduces $180 Wagyu beef sandwiches coming to San Francisco.  Read More. [more]

Meet the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists: Our 6 Favorite Food Photographers Lifestyle Your dinner never looked this pretty The best food photography blog finalists for the 2017 Saveur blog awards.  Read more [more]

The Best Food-Themed Bollywood Movies Ever Made Lifestyle From lunch-swapping love stories to chef/con artist comedies, these are perfect picks for dinner and movie In Bollywood movies, it’s easy to jump to the saris [more]

Here is a Scottish Car Powered by Whisky Drink The latest—and possibly revolutionary—foray into clean energy is boozy biofuel A UK startup has just announced their latest biofuel made from whisky byproducts. Read more [more]

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