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Dorothy Cann Hamilton, Founder of French Culinary Institute, Dies at 67Dorothy Cann Hamilton, a food aficionado who started a vocational course that evolved into one of the world’s leading culinary schools, died on Friday on [more]

The Rise (and Potential Fall) of Soy Sauce How fermented soy beans took over the world  Read More [more]

The Story Behind Our Most Requested Recipe EverThe plum torte didn’t seem to have the makings of a hit when it was published in 1983. Thirty-three years later, it’s still beloved. READ [more]

Study reveals sugar industry’s attempt to shape scienceNEW YORK (AP) — An analysis of newly uncovered documents shows the sugar industry began funding research that cast doubt on sugar’s role in heart [more]

Is this the meal of the future?CRISPR-Cas9 technology precisely changes target parts of genetic code.  Unlike other gene-silencing tools, the CRISPR-Cas9 system targets the genome's source material and permanently turns off [more]

Shep Gordon – The King Maker on His Best PR Stunts, Hugest Failures, and Practical Philosophies“My philosophy was that you didn’t have to wait for history; you could create history.” – Shep Gordon Shep Gordon (@SupermenschShep) has been named one [more]

Nostalgia Tops the Menu of Fall’s Big Restaurant OpeningsAlessandro Borgognone, who is about to reopen the venerable West Village speakeasy Chumley’s, calls it a “throwback” in its style, food and drink. It’s not [more]

And Here is Your 8-Minute Primer on Beijing Cuisine With an All-Knowing Grandma Food The real story of hot and sour soup and more, starring rapper Awkwafina.  Read more [more]

The Hunt for the Greatest Soy Sauce in the World Travel A visit to the Japanese company making shoyu the old-old-fashioned way—then aging it for as long as 50 years  Read More  [more]

Why Farm-to-Institution Sourcing is the Sleeping Giant of Local FoodThe next time someone points to the need for more farmers’ markets as a way to help move local food from a trend to a [more]

An Undocumented Mexican Chef Runs One of the Country’s Best New RestaurantsAt South Philly Barbacoa, #6 on our Hot 10 list of America’s Best New Restaurants, Cristina Martinez’s slow-cooked lamb tacos sell out before sundown. The [more]

Mussels disappearing from New England waters, scientists sayPORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Scientists say the Gulf of Maine’s once strong population of wild blue mussels is disappearing. A recent report in the journal [more]

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