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Chef Jacques Pépin talks about his life in France and opportunities for immigrants in the American kitchen todayPBS’ newest culinary edition of the “America Masters,” a series of comprehensive profiles on American culture’s most creatively notable, is about to give us a [more]

The Brothers Berezutskiy and the New Russian Cuisine Travel Twin chefs Ivan and Sergey—and their full-time herbalist-healer-magician—celebrate their culinary heritage and bring a new lokavorizm to the Moscow dining scene Whatever the geopolitics of the [more]

10 Sweet Tricks for Making Better Ice Cream Food Science-minded notes on the art of ice cream. For starters: stop bashing corn syrup Secret tricks from an ice cream pro to make perfectly creamy ice [more]

The restaurant industry is in its worst tailspin since the recessionSo another chain restaurant is “preparing” to bite the dust. Ignite Restaurant Group, which operates the Joe’s Crab Shack chain with 113 locations and the [more]

Yeast Study Could Unlock Wine EngineeringScientists at Vanderbilt University are raising a glass to the discovery of a previously ignored source of genetic diversity in wine yeast strains. The finding [more]

Heads Up: Millennials Answer the Call of Mexican Wine CountryRaw and quirky, Valle de Guadalupe is drawing 20- and 30-somethings with modern, design-y wineries and a grit that can’t be found in Napa or [more]

The Bay Area Global Center Faux MeatWhen Michael Selden and Brian Wyrwas, two biochemists who met at the University of Massachusetts, arrived in San Francisco last month, they not surprisingly found [more]

Noma Popup in Tulum MexicoOne of the world's best restaurants opened a temporary pop-up in the Mexican jungle — here's what it's like to eat there  Read more [more]

The Revival of Sherry-Based Vermouth In the 1950s, a visitor strolling along the palm-lined streets of Spain’s Jerez de la Frontera would likely have ended up in a tabanco, one of [more]

Bringing It Back Bar: What to Do with Rainwater Madeira Present at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the inauguration of George Washington in 1789, Madeira boasts a storied pedigree in American history. [more]

How Scientists Are Racing to Save Our Bees Food The honeybee, which is responsible for pollinating $15 billion of American crops, is in trouble. But a crew of crafty scientists and activists is here [more]

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Get by With a Lot of Unpaid LaborEvery year, the announcement of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list elicits the same round of responses. Chefs cheer their colleagues. Those who can afford [more]

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