FoodShed Exchange

About Us

The FoodShed Exchange (FSX) is an on-line source connecting professional chefs, home chefs, and foodies to locally grown, sustainable, and nutritious food products.

FSX initially mines the 200,000+ chef members of culinary organizations who control $18B-$40B in annual food purchases. Constantly searching for sustainable, artisanal and local food sources, chefs find an easy, connection to preferred product sources via the FoodShed Exchange’s web and mobile access. This connectivity also serves the farmers by creating a consistent, reliable market for their products.

The FoodShed Exchange provides logistics support including packing, shipping and delivery using a mix of commercial sources. It also assures quality using position and temperature sensing to protect product. By disintermediating the current terminal market distribution system, we deliver higher quality artisanal foods fresher and faster, to market at higher prices to the farmers and lower cost to the chef.

The integrity of the FoodShed Exchange is supported by an on-line Journal that gives an intimate, inside look into the progressive foods movement. The Journal, is a unique chef/farm/consumer subscription based information source of all things food. The Journal is the ultimate resource for culinary professionals, passionate consumers and farmers involved in food sourcing, preparation and restaurant trending. Professional food writers, chefs and academics provide connectivity between farmer and chef and state of the culinary arts commentary, organized in a single source unparalleled in existing sites. The Journal is our forum of continuing education and advertising to the chefs.

The FoodShed Exchange supports the issues closest to the hearts and belief structures of the progressive food movement. We facilitate the distribution of excess crops and products to food banks and other altruistic programs. We also provide a significant portion of our sales directly to professional chef and sustainable farming organizations.