FoodShed Exchange

Shipping Information

FoodShed Exchange shipping means your order arrives in perfect condition.

To ensure that your product arrives at its destination in wholesome condition, it’s shipped using FoodShed Exchange packaging utilizing insulated liners, ice packs, and dry ice all contained by heavy-duty boxes. All meats are individually shrink-wrapped, then flash frozen to lock in all the natural juices and flavor. The meats are packed in a reusable insulated container with enough dry ice to ensure safe delivery. Finally, the container is placed in a heavy-duty corrugated box for an additional layer of protection. It’s the best way to ensure that every product is delivered in wholesome condition.

Dry Ice Safety Guidelines

* Use gloves, towels, or pot holders to move dry ice.  The temperature of dry ice is -109 F (-79 C), cold enough to freeze skin cells and cause an injury similar to a burn.  Always handle dry ice with protective gloves or a towel.

* Use a ventilated location.  Dry ice gives off CO2 which may cause difficulty breathing or suffocation.  If dry ice has been in a closed vehicle or room, open the doors and windows before entering.  Leave the area immediately if you have any difficulty breathing.  In a vehicle, transport dry ice in the trunk or with the windows down to provide adequate ventilation.

* Store dry ice in an insulated container but not one that is air tight.  As dry ice sublimates from a solid to CO2 (carbon dioxide) gas, it will cause an air tight container to expand and possibly explode.

* Children should be supervised by an adult when using dry ice!

Shipping Table

This shipping Table is based on orders placed before 10 AM CT. For orders placed after 10 AM CT, please add 1 additional day. While we will make every attempt to adhere to the below tables as much as possible, holidays and unforeseen circumstances can force exceptions to the shipping and delivery schedule. For orders shipped during holiday seasons, please see the Holiday Ordering Information below.

Delivery in 3 to 4 Business Days

Delivery service is 2 days, plus 1 to 2 days for processing (total of 3 to 4 business days). If you live within 150 miles of Chicago, IL, your delivery could arrive 1 day earlier than the delivery date you are given on the web site.  Delivery charges are based on the number of items being sent to a single

Order Date
before 10 AM CT
Shipping Date Delivery
arrival date
Overnight Delivery
arrival date*
Monday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday Thursday
Wednesday Thursday Saturday** Friday*
Wednesday Following Monday Wednesday Tuesday*
Thursday Following Monday Wednesday Saturday***
Thursday Following Monday Wednesday Tuesday*
Friday Following Monday Wednesday Tuesday*
Saturday Following Tuesday Thursday Wednesday*
Sunday Following Tuesday Thursday Wednesday*

*Next Day Delivery: 2 business days Add $25.00 to Delivery cost, per address. Order by 10 am CST, 2-3 business days before you want your order to arrive.(Delivery service is 1 day plus 1 day for order processing, a total of 2 business days).

**Priority Next Day Service: 2 business days with earliest overnight service Add additional $25.00 to the delivery cost plus Next-Day Delivery cost, per address.

***Saturday Delivery: Call Customer Service to order at 972.489.1078, weekdays Monday – Friday 6 am to 9 pm CST.

****Next Day Saturday Delivery: Add an additional $65.00. Call 972.489.1078 to inquire.

Ordering Deadlines for Holiday Delivery

Order By 12 NOON CST: For Arrival On or Before:
Monday, November 23 Thanksgiving, November 26, 2015
Wednesday, December 2 First Night of Hanukkah, December 6, 2015
Friday, December 18* Christmas, December 24, 2015
Monday, December 28, 10am CST New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2015
Due to heavy shipping volumes in December, FoodShed Exchange often ships early.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We apologize, but due to high holiday order volume, for orders placed for delivery between Dec 1 and Dec 24, 2015 we cannot guarantee modifications during the two weeks prior to delivery.
• Deliver the order before the week of Christmas (if available);
• Deliver the requested order after December 29;
• Deliver a product certificate before Christmas for redemption and delivery after Christmas.
PLEASE NOTE: Inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances can cause shipments to arrive later than expected. Please plan ahead and order early.


• All shipments require a street address (sorry, no PO boxes).

• Damage due to incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses voids our guarantee. Be sure to double-check addresses.

• Billing customer is responsible to make sure the gift recipient will be available for delivery.